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How does iframe virus propagate ?


Whatever be the type of web malware, they typically spread via compromised PC/infected desktop PCs. Moost often becomes a soldier in a spam spewing botnet army or the users credentials are simply stolen with a key logger and the victim quickly becomes a victim of identity theft.

Gumblar/iframe virus looks to be nastier than its parent virus, Conficker as it installs a trojan to steal usernames, passwords and FTP credentials.  The problem is even after remediation is applied, these credentials can be used to infect more websites and cause further spread of the malware. While the theft of a user’s credential is bad enough, Iframe virus doesn’t just stop there – it is building not one but two separate botnets. One botnet is comprised of compromised Internet websites while the others are comprised of compromised PCs. Iframe virus can rent out the PC botnet to send SPAM while using the web server botnet to provide them with continuously updated web-borne malware for drive-by hacking exploits, which will give Iframe virus a never ending stream of new compromised PCs from website visitors to add to its PC botnet.


Automated toolkits still rule – el fiesta and Neosploit remain two of the most popular ones with infection rates of 12 percent and 19 percent, respectively; these two automated toolkits are responsible for compromising thousands of websites everyday.


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