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Agency Partnering - Inviting agents from around the world

Param Projects will be an ideal technology partner that seamlessly extends an agency's ability to offer comprehensive ecommerce and complex content management solutions to clients. We have been creating cutting-edge software and web technologies since 1995 -  so we work with our agency partners to deliver on the technology side while working within budget and time constraints. Agency partnering provides you with a turn-key solution to deliver more value to your clients and eliminate the risks associated with developing complex technical projects.

Param Projects offers a wide range of services from CMS, e-commerce, social media strategy, online community development, complex data gathering tools/crawlers and much more.

As your Agency's partner, we work closely with your project teams to ensure your client goals and objectives are met with accuracy and precision. Our entire process is managed online using convenient web-based project management and feedback tools that allows us to exchange views and information to keep you, your client and our teams in sync. We have a team of professionals that have the experience and knowledge to deliver quality solutions quickly and in a cost effective way.

Agency partnering enables successful creative, marcom, advertising and PR firms to work collaboratively with Param Projects to achieve their client's online goals.


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