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About us

Quick Introduction

Param Projects For Perfection is a technology organization headed by Mr. Parameshwar Babu.  Mr.Babu is a visionary-cum-inventor whose initiatives led to the mushrooming of Internet cafes in all over India. He created breakthrough software products like PPPSHAR that revolutionized Internet growth in India and consequently his company gained international acclaim.

Current Inititatives

Now, the team is busy churning out technologies for the next generation of web and mobile applications. Mr. Babu has been frequently invited by committees of several corporates, NGOs, educational institutions in India and abroad where his expertise/mentorship is being sought for conception/implementation of both commercial and social projects.


Mr. Babu made a breakthrough in 1997 with the creation of innovative java-based software named PPPshar. PPPSHAR has been ranked #1 amongst top 10 networking applications of the world by CNN. Another breakthrough came in 1998 when he created India's first java based email server software named netMailshar.