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Price range search (or numeric range) in Drupal

No doubt, Views or exposed form in views is a killer feature in Drupal. But in today's ecommerce world, customers require a very powerful search feature in their website. Typically, our clients have well-established online revenues and they would require friendly options like searching or sorting products by price range or numeric range. Suppose you need to provide a drop menu or selection box or checkbox to show products in the price range of 10 to 20, 21 to 30, 31 to 40, and so on. We made a website with Drupal and Ubercart with thousands of products.

Nice looking drop down menu in drupal

Customers/clients may not like default drop-down menu in drupal. It requires some effort to customize for a specific theme. Here is a screen shot of how we developed a nice drop-down menu in drupal for a specific client website: drop down in drupal in custom theme/style and color

Integrating twitter/tweets into your website

Fetch twitter/tweets into your website

You need to grab your customer/visitors' attention and have you follow them on Twitter. If you use third-party tools to display latest tweets in your website, you may lose search engine/SEO benefits. We will show you how you can do that by setting up a program in your server and you don't have to promote some other brand for displaying tweets.

Below, you can see all tweets that I type into my twitter page - :

Medical Supplies ecommerce

Given below is an example of how we have implemented complex ecommerce and ebusiness features for a medical supplies company.

ecommerce site for a huge medical supplies company

Publishing site for wild life

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