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Frequently asked questions(FAQ) about badware/malware

What are the different names given for website malware/badware?

Different companies use different words and phrases for this type of malware/badware affecting websites. Some commonly used names are: Gumblar... read more >>

Webmasters call it iframe virus? Why?

Badware like gumblar and other variants work by injecting malicious code into your website - be it HTML or PHP or ASP. If you see the source of HTML... read more >>

My website is running joomla content management system(CMS). Can this iframe/gumblar badware infect my website?

iframe, index, joomla, PHP
Yes, Joomla is vulnerable like any other website. Typically, it can infect index.php in the same as explained in iframe injection article . Sometimes... read more >>

My website is running Drupal. Can this iframe/gumblar badware infect my website?

cms, drupal, iframe, module
Yes, Drupal is vulnerable like any other website. It does not matter what content management system(CMS) you are running. Typically, it can infect... read more >>

How difficult it is to remove Iframe virus from a website?

cms, shopping cart
If your website is written in static HTML it may be easier to do it manually provided the number of files are less. However, most websites today are... read more >>

I find suspicious javascript code in my files. Is it iframe virus?

Sometimes, iframe variants come in the form of javascript. You may NOT see iframe tags in the source because it will be encoded. Instead, you may... read more >>

How does iframe virus propagate ?

FTP, iframe, propagation
  Whatever be the type of web malware, they typically spread via compromised PC/infected desktop PCs. Moost often becomes a soldier in a spam... read more >>

News Alert - iframe trojan horses in Facebook

alert, facebook, news
Some anti-virus companies have found applications for Facebook, which deliberately exploit the vulnerability in Adobe Reader to install scareware. It... read more >>